Various Kinds of Locks

If you have ever looked around for locks for your front door, or for other parts of your property, then you know that there are many different kinds available. Not only do you have choices in terms of manufacturers and materials, but you have options in regards to how the locks look. Any homeowner will be able to find locks that match the architecture of their house, which is great. Many people don’t realize just how many types of locks are available, and they could benefit just about anyone’s residential or commercial property. Mableton Locksmith GA has provided some of the options which are available on the market today for your reference. This is beneficial for those who are paying attention to their security, whether in Mableton, Georgia or anywhere else in the world.

Here are some of the most popular lock options that exist today:

  1. Padlocks – These are great for a person who is looking for a lock that doesn’t have to be attached to any specific structure. Padlocks are portable, which can make them convenient for a person who is looking to lock up, say, a bike or a locker. Combination and keyed are the two types of padlocks available. You can also find ones that have a shrouded shackle, which makes it difficult for someone to cut it open. If you think that a padlock could benefit you, then it certainly is worth the minimal amount of money to keep your items protected.
  2. Deadbolts – Deadbolts are available as single, double and lockable thumbturn. Any locksmith professional will be able to explain these terms in further detail, but here are the basics… If you have a home with a deadbolt, it is more than likely single cylinder. A double deadbolt has a key cylinder on the outside and the inside of a door, unlike a single cylinder, which only has a key cylinder on the exterior and then a thumbturn on the inside. The last type of deadbolt, thumbturn, is sort of a combination of the two aforementioned types. Again, a lock and security professional will be able to provide further details on these deadbolts, so it can be worth speaking to them over the phone if there is any confusion at all.
  3. Knob locks – A knob lock might actually be used as a primary form of security. They are not the most popular type of lock and should not be used as a security form on the exterior of doors. They are easy to pick open, so you might consider another type of lock or a replacement if you currently use knob locks on your property.  
  4. Lever handle locks – This type of lock is more common in commercial settings. They use a handle rather than a knob if being compared to knob locks.
  5. Mortise locks – This type of lock is also frequently found in commercial settings. There are different options in terms of length which are available, and they are threaded and use a cam.
  6. Keyless entry locks – This is very popular for commercial and residential properties alike. As a matter of fact, keyless entry is even popular for cars. With the simple pressing of a few buttons, or a code, a person is able to access a property. On the contrary, one who doesn’t have the code for keyless entry will be unable to get into a property. Keyless entry, then, is used to prevent unauthorized access and allows someone to avoid carrying around a key if they do not want to do so. For added security, keyless entry systems can be made to alert authorities if an incorrect code is entered too many times. This is a good idea for commercial building owners and for homeowners who travel often. If you aren’t there, you will want to know if someone is attempting to get into your property.
  7. Wall mounted locks – These locks are, you guessed it, mounted into the wall. These are sometimes used for key storage in commercial buildings. Actually, some of them are used for access to safes or security boxes. While these are usually installed at the time a building is constructed, they can be added later by someone who knows what they are doing. Again, this is a good service to contact a lock and security expert for. A quick search will showcase trustworthy local locksmiths in your specific area.

These are just some of the locks that are available to help you out with property protection. Anyone who owns a home, whether it is an apartment, townhome or single family home, and anyone who owns a commercial structure should consider the ways that they can keep it protected. Locks are one of many steps that can be taken, and a trustworthy local locksmith will be able to install brand new locks so that you don’t have to do it yourself. Installing a lock incorrectly can mean that it won’t work properly. It’s best to have a professional do the job. It will save time and money. Not to mention, speaking with a professional might provide even more ideas for property protection. From new lock installation and smart keys to transponder key programming and even intercom systems, there are so many ways to keep your belongings convenient to access (by you) and safe. Be sure to talk with an expert to find out more.

Whether you are in Mableton, GA or elsewhere in the world, you need to lock up what is yours. Start by having locks installed that you know you can rely on. Brands like Mul-T-Lock, Kaba, Medeco, and Yale are merely some of the numerous options which are available, and they all produce excellent products. Do some research and see what is out there, then decide what works best for you. Remember, locks are definitely worth investing in, and you will find something that works for your needs and concerns, and fits within your budget.