If you own, manage or operate a local Mableton, GA business and are considering adding a commercial safe to your company, please read this post carefully. It will give you some helpful insights into what you can and cannot expect from doing this. Mableton Locksmith GA provides local commercial operations with full service, high quality business lock and key hardware and services and we have for many years. If anyone knows the advantages (and even a few drawbacks) to having a commercial safe; we do!

“I don’t have that kind of business”

We often hear that phrase, but in truth, any business can benefit and use a good commercial safe. It really doesn’t matter how many employees you have or what size your building is; a commercial safe will work to provide protection for your assets no matter what. Here in Mapleton, GA we have thousands of local firms that do business here and in the greater Atlanta Metro area. A few examples of these include apartment rentals, storage facilities, movie theaters, fine dining, convenience stores, car dealerships, auto mechanics, dry cleaners, gas stations, laundromats, condo buildings, property management, medical clinics, shoe stores, fast food outlets, grocery stores, mail centers, hospitals, private schools, bakeries and thousands more. Many of these establishments already enjoy the benefits of a commercial safe and with good reason; they truly can secure your best and most valuable property against threats of all kinds.

What you can put in your commercial safe

The answer is easy; anything you want! Hollywood has conditioned us to think that only stacks of 100 dollar bills or gold bars go in safes; not so! Yes, you can deposit cash in them. In fact, that is a great idea for restaurants, convenience stores, fast food outlets and gas stations or any other business that deals with lots of cash. In between deposits or armored car pick-ups, the cash can be temporarily deposited in your commercial safe.

You can also add other items to your safe’s contents. Examples include jewelry, property titles, credit reports, insurance documents, car registrations, passwords, key codes, flash drives, important keys, warranties, items for safekeeping, secret records, guns, numbered combinations, stock certificates, appraisals and lots more.

Many kinds of safes

Safes are as varied as the items that you can put inside of them. Commercial safes are made of different materials and come in many sizes. Close your eyes for a second and picture a commercial safe. What did you see in your mind; a large, heavy, free standing vault? Or, did you see a smaller, concealed unit built into the wall behind a picture? Actually, both are accurate representations of commercial safes. Here at Mableton Locksmith GA we sell, repair, install and service many kinds of safes. Some are best for home use and others are better adapted for business. Other Mableton, GA lock and key shops also provide commercial safe services so be sure to call your favorite local shop and find out more!
Do I really need a safe?
Sometimes, customers ask if they really need a commercial safe. Maybe they are using a system where they stash the extra cash in the file cabinet or in a desk drawer that locks. They might be putting valuables in a locker secured by a padlock. There are many ways to hide or temporarily secure business items of value. The real question is; how secure is your method? Just because you haven’t been pilfered, robbed or become a victim of employee theft doesn’t mean that it can’t or won’t happen. Many times your insurance coverage for incidents like this won’t pay out if your method of keeping items secure was flimsy or poorly thought through.

But, isn’t it easy to “crack a safe?”

Yes, very easy! In the movies, anyway! Not so much in real life as safe opening takes time and skill in order to do it right. Safes rely on number sequences, key codes, keys or even fingerprints to open them. So the answer is this; safes CAN keep your valuables safe! Whether you are using a wall safe, free standing vault, lockbox under a desktop, or floor safe, your cash and items of value truly are SAFE!

Safes also keep your secured items safe from more than just employee theft and robbery. Commercial safes protect valuables from dust, fire, moisture, rain and wind. Considering that cash and important documents are made of paper and that other items like flash drives, guns and software are easy to compromise by dust, moisture and heat, having a good commercial safe is really a good idea.

Good sources for commercial safes

There are many places in Mableton, GA to buy a commercial safe. Retail stores like Best Buy, Sears, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and Wal-Mart are all candidates but keep one thing in mind. The sales people are almost always part time and on commission. They are there more as a customer service and not as safe specialists.

You can contact a safe store but they usually don’t deliver, set up, or service the safe when it’s needed. They almost always outsource this to others so you wind up paying hefty middle man charges. Why not contact a commercial locksmith? In Mableton, GA there are many to choose from. You get the benefit of on location service, same day appointments, free consultations, free price quotes and fast maintenance whenever needed. When asking about prices, be sure to include set up and delivery, warranty coverage, maintenance fees and anything else that comes to mind. When you deal with a full service, licensed, bonded and insured commercial locksmith shop the advantages are many so call one now to find out more!

You might also want to do some online sleuthing before you call your locksmith shop of choice. Check Amazon, Best Buy and E Bay for the best deals and to read comments and reviews on the models you might be interested in purchasing.