Access control is just who get entry through a door opening or area of a building. There are many forms of it and we see and experience it daily. For instance, a security guard or a bouncer is form of access control. They decide who enters, who stays and who must leave and when. A metal turnstile performs a similar function. Anything or person that restricts or control access to an area is a form of access control. You can apply access control in business and residential settings. Hospitals, laboratories, colleges and government agencies are all big users of these methods of restriction. If you’ve ever seen a sign that says “Authorized Personnel Only” or “Secured Gate Access” then you’ve witnessed a form of access control.


There are hundreds of different applications for access control. Mableton, GA has nightclubs, restaurants and institutions where VIP guests, theater patrons and security personnel are allowed certain access and others aren’t. Every town has similar situations. Effective access control can even restrict access to certain users like nonpaying customers or unauthorized personnel. Even workplace violence or a public school threat can be restricted by a rapid lockdown of the facility.


An access control system permits authorized people in and out of designated areas while at the same time it denies access to unauthorized staff or individuals. This increases security at commercial, residential and institutional facilities and provides safety, peace of mind and protection for residents, workers and customers alike. While a simple locked door has its benefits, an electronic access control system allows for more advanced controlled access including surveillance of the area, visitor identification and remote monitoring.

You can see examples of this type of modern access control in movies, television and in person whenever you visit a courthouse, hospital, casino, restaurant, theater, mall or other public building. Mableton Locksmith GA offers various forms of access control to fit every need and budget. Be sure to call and speak to our helpful professionals and find out how access control can help secure your premises on an as-needed basis.


One of the most effective ways to use access control is also one of the most economical. This involves using keypads for access. A user simply punches a number combination sequence in order to gain access to designated area. It’s easy and practical to track user activity using keypads to identify persons entering the premises. One problem with keypads is that user codes can be given to unauthorized persons so keypads are best paired with video surveillance for more accurate control and identification. These are often used in high rise residential units, hotels and automotive vehicles. Keypads can be programmed so that an alarm will sound if the wrong key code is used. This tends to discourage non authorized users from trying one code after another in the hope that the right combination will gain them access.

Bar code cards and Stripe cardsare often used in banks, call centers and credit card companies to control access and monitor attendance and activity. They are very economical but shouldn’t be used when high security access control is needed as these cards can be duplicated with the right equipment and knowledge.


Key fobs are one of the most commonly used forms of access control. The device is made into a plastic card and can be attached to a key ring. The electronic device or chip is on or inside the card itself and the user holds the card to a device which gives access when activated. These can serve a double function as an employee badge.


Biometric entry systems are some of the most advanced and reliable ways to control access. Uses can be for both high and low security locations and is perfect for users that do not wish to carry credentials, badges or a variety of keys. Fingerprint locks are now used in a variety of applications like smart phones and laptops. Other biometric security includes retina scanners, hand identification, voice recognition and signature recognition. Expect to see more of this type of access control in the very near future as new patents and applications for it appear.

Other access control methods include remote controls, electronic keys, proximity readers, residential keypads and more.


That depends on many different factors. There’s a big difference in dollar store inventory and a high end jeweler. Do you want better protection and security for your goods, records or building? Can your budget handle basic access control so that you can upgrade to better quality or more advanced technology as your business grows? Cost alone is not the only factor. Many times improvements made to a building can be tax deductible for the business. Also, many insurance firms offer discounts in commercial premiums when access control and other security measures are added and implemented. The FBI reports that unprotected stores, shops or buildings are three times more likely to be vandalized or robbed than those that are secured by electronic security and access control.


It all comes down to this; do you want better control over your property, building or goods? Using proper access control methods afford you that luxury. Keys help; that’s a given, but their use is limited and they can be easily copied and lent out to others. In addition, their use goes untracked. Keys serve their purpose but if you want additional control, tracking and measured access, using some of the methods described in this post are sure to help.

In Mableton, GA access control can be implemented on any scale you wish and with any sized budget to work with. Do some research online and make some calls. Familiarize yourself with the various applications for access control in your particular field. Mableton Locksmith GA offers free details and expert access control systems for any home or business in town so don’t hesitate to call us and find out more.