Keyless Entry Systems And Their Benefits

Usually, a lock without a key is useless. It keeps whatever is locked safe and private, but no one can access it without that darn key! Locks and keys have been with us since ancient times; even the Egyptians and Sumerians used locking mechanisms to secure their privacy and to protect their valuables. This thousands+ years of use has made the locks/keys combination a successful one but now there’s a new way that can be used without keys at all! Keyless entry allows users to open and close locks with no fumbling for keys, losing keys or breaking off of keys. It’s fast, simple and easy to use. You’ll enjoy this latest Mableton Locksmith GA post on how to access and use this amazing technology!

Keyless Entry For Home Use

Yes, you can use keyless entry technology at home! It’s already being used quite extensively in luxury hotels and high rise condos and is gaining grounds in the single family home category, too. Here in Mableton, GA many of your better residential locksmiths are offering keyless entry systems to homeowners for their primary residence. A keypad is used to punch in a key code or combination. If the right sequence is entered, the door unlocks. You already see keyless entry in cars and users are used to it in some commercial applications, as well. Imagine; no more hiding keys under the door mat or behind the plant in the flower pot! Simply give your spouse and the kids the combination or number sequence and they have access with no possibility of lost or forgotten keys or keys broken off in the lock.

Just because a key is lost doesn’t mean that it no longer exists! Most folks think of the inconvenience caused by that missing key and don’t immediately realize that the key is still “out there” and can possibly land in the wrong hands. Lost keys not only necessitate new key cutting but also lock changes or rekeys for maximum safety.

You can even give each member of your family or household a different code sequence to use at home. This is like having your own key and can be used to keep track of who entered the house and when. In addition, kids love keyless entry! It seems so “like in the movies” to them. Using a keypad is fun and practical!

Commercial Keyless Entry

No matter where in Mableton, GA you go, you’ll notice keyless entry being used by local businesses. There’s a good reason for that. Remember your elementary school janitor; the one with the many keys on that huge key ring? Having and using keyless entry systems eliminates the need for all those keys! It’s not just for custodians either. Entering a code sequence allows and restricts access to certain parts of a building. Our Mableton Locksmith GA technicians offer free consultations on keyless entry and its use for ANY need including home use, automotive needs and of course, for businesses. We can install keyless entry on front doors, interior doors, vaults, executive offices, institutional and educational areas, storage facilities, server (computer) rooms and many more. As in home use, you can better monitor building activity using keyless entry as well as see who gained access to what rooms and when.

Key codes are not the only way to use keyless entry commercially. Card systems also known as edge devices can also be used. These can even double as employee badges to be clipped on a pocket or worn around the neck. Instead of entering a code on the keypad, just swipe your card and the reader will either deny or grant access to that part of the building. Terminated staff or unauthorized employees can be kept out of designated areas and so can customers as in the case of a bank vault or jewelry store wall safe.

Automotive Keyless Entry

Many of today’s luxury cars use a keyless entry system. Some people love it and others don’t care for it. It’s more of a matter of personal preference. Our Mableton Locksmith GA automotive specialists can install, replace or repair your keyless entry system at your location and on your time frame. We also offer free consultations in case you want to learn more about this useful and highly convenient way of automotive lock security. Just like residential and commercial keyless entry systems, you can dispense with car keys. Simply add your code to the keypad and you are good to go (literally!). Considering that many of our Mableton, GA locksmith service requests are for key cutting, replacements, and key removal, using a keyless entry system can be a real plus!

More Keyless Entry Facts

If a key code or combination is forgotten, a pass key can also be used as a backup. In case of theft of employee badges or if a family member or guest shares the number sequence too often or wrongly these can be rendered useless very easily. All it takes to cancel these items is a push of a button and new codes and swipe cards can be issued almost immediately.

More advanced methods of keyless entry include biometric entry systems that make use of fingerprint lock technology, magnetic strip cards and even retina scanners for even more specialized control. This technology is being increasingly used in hospitals, universities, hotels, high end retail and even government buildings.

Just how safe is keyless entry? Plenty! Alarms are often built in to these systems so that a would-be burglar can’t stand outside your home or car door and try one number sequence after another until the correct one magically opens the door. After a few attempts, the alarm sounds and/or the system shuts down completely, foiling a potential robbery.

Keyless entry can provide huge benefits and convenience in your daily home and working life. Mableton Locksmith GA invites you to call us and learn more. We offer affordable pricing and fast service including 24-hour emergency help so call today and get rid of many of your keys!